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I Still Want Geico to Die

So, last week I talked about my amazing Geico experience. After my amazing conversation with their wonderful customer service representative, they decided to send me a letter to further explain why my rates are going to double.

heavily populated areas with a greater density of drivers may experience a greater volume of losses than some rural areas;

Well thank you for charging me more for the possibility of having an accident that is the other driver’s fault. Which, the other insurance company would handle, I still have the toronto auto insurance so I don’t actually have to worry about anything anyway. So the ZERO accidents and tickets I have on my record mean absolutley nothing. Terrific. So moving to a populated area means I pay more. But wait, the letter continues…

on the other hand, long stretches of open highways in sparsely populated areas can lead to less attentive driving, greater speeds, and an inrease in the severity of losses over those that occur in city locations.

So what you are telling me is that if I move to a densely populated area, my rates go up and if I move to a sparsely populated area, my rates go up. I fail to see how this is a fair business practice? I am all for a free-market economy and the ability for supply and demind to mandate what prices should be in an open arena, but when I am required by law to buy your product, damning me if I do and damning me if I don’t isn’t a fair practice. Why can’t we find a policy here that just makes sense? Why do they all have to be so cryptic? Why do they hire experts to de-legitimize claims made by people in distress? We all know deep down why that is and they still get away with it.

I hope this information has been helpful.

Oh, it has. It has helped me to decide to find a different insurance company.

Written on August 29, 2006 at roughly 2:26 pm. And by roughly I mean at that exact time.

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mle August 30, 2006 at roughly 8:20 pm

Need a lawyer? :) Or just a punching bag?

Aaron August 30, 2006 at roughly 8:52 pm

probably just a punching bag.

hynes August 31, 2006 at roughly 5:13 am

I had a similiar experience with All-State a few years ago. Basically they raised my rates $300 because I was “within an age group which was more prone to accidents.” So I switched to a insurance agent, who’s also a friend, and he hooked me up with a great plan that cost me less then I was paying before. If you can find a solid insurance agent you trust, man it just takes the whole car insurance search burden off your back.

Aaron August 31, 2006 at roughly 8:53 am

I spent last night getting some quotes and Geico was about $500-600 higher for the same coverage over the same period.

hynes August 31, 2006 at roughly 9:39 am

Also sometimes you can get some great rates if you look outside the big four (Allstate, State Farm, Geico, and Nationwide). I’m currently a policy holder with The Hartford, which has some great car coverage plans. Also Donegal Insurance is another service provider you could look into to.

Paul August 31, 2006 at roughly 2:19 pm

We’ve had State Farm for a decade; never any problems.

Aaron August 31, 2006 at roughly 2:52 pm

Rub it in then why don’t you…