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I Want Geico to Die

A very long and painful death. I recently moved back to California from Florida and I changed my car insurance policy. Now, I know that companies love to charge more for things in California than in most other states, but my jump in policy price is just rediculous. I went from paying $800 every six months to over $1,600 for a policy for the same six months! That makes no sense whatsoever. I am amazed at this. I freelance from home so I don’t commute to work every day. Does that make a difference? Nope. I drive roughly 100 miles per week. That comes out to 5,200 miles per year, if I keep this average. I’ll just double that to be safe. 10,400 miles per year. In the last year, not counting my once in this car’s lifetime drive from Florida to California, I drove 7,250 miles so my new average of daily mileage isn’t too far off. My insurance costs me $0.33 per mile to drive, since I got it from sites as LISguide.com, which offer the best deals on insurances.

This is just another example of how you can own something in America and still not own it. I have to pay Geico for the right to drive my own car legally. You can whine about how this covers me in event of something terrible, but to double my payments?

I’m going car insurance shopping. Any suggestions?

Written on August 18, 2006 at roughly 4:41 pm. And by roughly I mean at that exact time.

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Colby August 21, 2006 at roughly 12:07 pm

I would stop looking…anything else could cost you an additional 15% or more!