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Ignorance is Rediculous

A new restaurant opened up in Bombay, India bares the name and image of Hitler and his swastika.

The owner insisted then - and still does - that the name and theme of his new eatery is only meant to attract attention, even if it has outraged Bombay’s Jewish community.

“It’s really made people very upset that a person responsible for the massacre of 6 million Jews can be glorified,” Elijah Jacob, one of the community’s leaders, told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

But owner Puneet Sablok has refused to back down, and apart from Bombay’s 4,500 Jews, there’s been little controversy in India, where Holocaust awareness is limited, Hitler is regarded as just another historical figure and swastikas are an ancient Hindu symbol, displayed all over to bring luck. There are just 5,500 Jews in all of India.

Written on August 23, 2006 at roughly 10:15 am. And by roughly I mean at that exact time.

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Paul August 23, 2006 at roughly 12:57 pm

Id - i - ot.

Aaron August 23, 2006 at roughly 1:15 pm

Completely. I was amazed at this. And the comments following the storty are rather good reading as well.