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New iTunes

iTunes 7.0
Apple has released a new version of iTunes and I have to say, that besides a degredation in the app’s logo, I love the new look of it. I love the new look of the Playlist column as well as the new highlight of the number of un-watched Podcasts you have waiting for you. new icons for the iTunes Store, Party Shuffle and iPod Games make me happy to look at my screen. Overall, I think it’s a great update. I am, though, severely disappointed in the new generation of the iPod.

Written on September 12, 2006 at roughly 2:52 pm. And by roughly I mean at that exact time.

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Lard September 12, 2006 at roughly 4:37 pm

The new iPod although bigger is no thing that’s for sure. That search function is just unecessary, just scroll you lazy freaks!

I bought Mini Golf to put on my iPod just now, i’m about to play it now!!

Paul September 13, 2006 at roughly 10:22 am

The iPod updates were little more than a sneeze. With the rumored patents, larger things are afoot. Though, the Shuffle is pretty sweet — and the 24 hour battery life on the Nano is … well, I’d say unbelievable (even if it’s half that long, that’s pretty sweet).

m.a. turner September 13, 2006 at roughly 1:55 pm

I dig the new iTunes screen when you plug-in your iPod. Pretty nifty. The new logo is lame. As is the new “MP3 Icon”.

The only good thing about a new generation of iPod is that the old generation of iPod comes up on the Apple Refurb site at half price (or less).

Watching videos on the iPod must mean you have tons of extra time in the day, or your very small. Either way, i want an audio player that plays audio. That’s it.

Aaron September 13, 2006 at roughly 10:31 pm

After flying 4,500 miles this last week, a video player would have been nice to have had. But I am waiting for the next real iPod update.

m.a. turner September 14, 2006 at roughly 2:48 pm

AGREED! I didn’t even think about travel. I RETORT GOOD SIR!

Aaron September 14, 2006 at roughly 2:56 pm

I do agree with you though on it pretty much being a waste. Outside of long trips, I will never actually watch video on an iPod. Although… when I was visiting my great and amazing friend Lloyd in the fantastic and magical country of England, he hooked his iPod up to his TV and we watched TV episodes he had downloaded from iTunes. The new Apple TV gismonicer might make a video iPod a bit more useful. You could download all your movies and shows and just watch them wherever you may end up, such as a friend’s house in Surrey.

fretto September 15, 2006 at roughly 5:52 am

The new iTunes logo is horrible. What the crap are they thinking?