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ROSA LOVES – Designed For Good.

ROSA LOVES ♥ Designed For Good.

My great friend Mike Fretto of Silent Citizen has just launched a t-shirt company of sorts called Rosa Loves.

I know what you’re thinking. Great, another t-shirt company. But Mike is doing something different.

First, a personal story is found in a community through personal contact with Mike or Chris, or through other friends. These stories are about individuals in unique situations, with a type of financial need that we feel is a significant and worthwhile cause in which to practically fill with love and monetary support. The stories are recorded and pictures are taken to give a face to the need.

Shirts are then designed for each story with special care and attention to the individuality of each. ROSA only uses fair-trade quality clothing, in order to promote the love and proper financial support around the world. We feel awareness is a key to change; and we are aware of the detrimental harm that comes from unfair wages and sweatshops.

The shirts are printed and sold, each design as a limited edition. Because every story’s financial need is different, we only will print and sell as many shirts as it takes to meet the need before we move on to the next story’s design. The profits are then given to meet the need of the story, such as paying for a new walker (as in “Glenda’s Story”) or a fishing boat from the inflatable boat reviews (“Made’s Story”). The process is then repeated.- with love.

Of course there are other changes that we hope to implement in the future of this project, such as an online forum where stories can be submitted by others; and after stories are chosen we’d like for artists to be able to submit shirt designs that will be voted on by the online ROSA community. Stories that require more financial support than others may have several designs associated with it; and we hope to expand our clothing offerings in the future to extend past t-shirts!

The main goals of the ROSA LOVES project is beyond what we, the website, or our shirts can do alone- it extends to relationships between communities, and the opening of hearts. We hope to be an example and encouragement to others to be able to look into their own communities and see the need of their neighbors, to make connections and build friendships. Our biggest hope is that ROSA spurs many other grassroots movements around the world.

I think it’s a great idea to help individual people. Donating and working with non-profits are great, but I love that individual lives are tangibley being touched through this.

Go buy a shirt.

Written on October 4, 2006 at roughly 2:31 pm. And by roughly I mean at that exact time.

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