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Early Adopters

I just had a thought as to why Apple has continued to grow and out-shine Windows in the new product market as well as OS X functionality and usability.

Early adoption by a generally creative and smart user base.

This is a growing and formulating idea, but my thinking is, that since Apple has such a large and loyal base of users — who by their newest products with the full knowledge that it will still be full of kinks and bugs and things that will need working out — that Apple garnishes feedback and funding from that it uses to improve and produce the next generation of said product.

Any thoughts?

Written on February 15, 2007 at roughly 2:10 pm. And by roughly I mean at that exact time.

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MizzyRay February 16, 2007 at roughly 11:04 am

I would have to agree to disagree. The user you are refering to probaly have none to little exposer to the comversation you are having in regard to the product.

Aaron February 16, 2007 at roughly 12:31 pm

You lost me.

MizzyRay February 16, 2007 at roughly 1:04 pm

What i ment was…. That the non ambiguious reference in your comment. Hardley cover enough in formation for someone who is not used to that type of program…. So i thought your question was something i would agree to disagree with. not lost.

Aaron February 16, 2007 at roughly 1:14 pm

I was referencing the “new product market” in it’s general sense, not in reference to a specific “new product.” I am mainly thinking of the continual update and creation of new individual products — such as the iPod, iTunes music player, Powerbook, iMacs, OS X, etc.

gb April 11, 2007 at roughly 11:03 am

This same thought has crossed my mind, but if it’s true, I hope it’s not something they’re _really_ relying on. I used to put myself in that early adopter category, but my horrendous (and on-goingly bad) experience with the MacBook Pro has taught me my lesson. I will stay away from first revs if at all possible. I’m ok with some bugs and I don’t expect computers to be perfect, but this one has tested my patience (and I’m generally a very patient / apple-apologetic person).

Aaron April 11, 2007 at roughly 11:07 am

Interesting that you have had problems with your MBP. My dad bought one a few months back and he hasn’t encountered any problems yet. Are you having bloated battery issues?

And on a side note, I plan to be the sucker who tests out the iPhone for everyone.