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I Hate Apple

And not in the “you are so awesome I hate you” fashion, I mean I hate Apple in the “I want you to burn in a massive car accident” way.

Apple has just dropped the price of the iPhone from $599 to $399 for the 8Gb model (the 4Gb model has been dropped). I want someone to explain to me how a 33% price drop of $200 is financially viable inside of a 3 month product lifespan?

What was the pricing meeting like in Cupertino?

We can make plenty of profit pricing the iPhone at $399. But hey, let’s charge the people who love us enough to buy early more! Let’s price it at $599.

That’s a great feeling to have. I understand we live in a country with a free-market economy. I understand companies can price what they want to for whatever they want to. But this just seems ridiculous. From now on, I’m not buying anything from Apple unless it’s been on the market for more than 6 months. They just lost some of my love and all of my devotion as an early adopter.

Written on September 5, 2007 at roughly 11:44 am. And by roughly I mean at that exact time.

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Jeremy Ricketts September 5, 2007 at roughly 8:17 pm

But wasn’t it worth $200 to be one of the kewl kids for a couple months?

Aaron September 5, 2007 at roughly 8:20 pm

No, it wasn’t. I wish it was.

Will Adams September 5, 2007 at roughly 9:26 pm

i got to be a cool kid for just under a month… now im just like everyone else just 200 dollars poorer…

Amber September 6, 2007 at roughly 4:43 am

That’s terrible! That happened to us when I bought Nate the PS2. It dropped a hundred bucks six days after we bought it. We went back to see if we could get a refund and they said they would have if it were within five days of the purchase. We were 12 hours too late and a bit fumed.

Another one bites the dust.

Paul September 6, 2007 at roughly 7:44 am

Price drops happen, this one seemed soon, but I don’t think its the end of the world or any reason to hate Apple (and go with the alternative). I don’t think there’s any rule for “you must wait 6 months to drop prices”. Yeah, I didn’t buy one, so I’m not upset, and I’d probably be peeved, but then again, if I had, it was my choice to spend $600, blame Apple or blame yourself?

Paul September 6, 2007 at roughly 7:46 am

(my last sentence made no sense — what I wanted say was “Yeah, I didn’t buy one, so I’m not upset — but if I had bought one, I’d be peeved, but it was my choice to spend $600”)

Jeremy Ricketts September 6, 2007 at roughly 9:35 am

There will ALWAYS be a new version around the corner… but personally speaking, I try and avoid being an early adopter whenever I can resist the temptation. Price drops, critical improvements, etc are all reasons to wait for the second generation of a given product. Not that this is something you didn’t know already, but you never read about the 90% (I made that # up) of people that are thinking the same thing… hold out for version 1.1 or even version2. When it comes to tech, you just read about that 10% of early adopters who are very excited. And I’m glad their excited and I’m glad they’re writing blogs about what they would change and what they like/dislike about the product. It’s like a big huge public beta testing. And all for me.

Paul September 6, 2007 at roughly 12:40 pm
Aaron September 6, 2007 at roughly 1:29 pm

It’s a good start, but I’ll stick with my new position of never buying an Apple product out of the gate. I do commend Jobs (or his attorney speech writers) for the open letter to the real iPhone customers. It is a strong business practice to listen to your customers and to respond appropriately.

Early adopters are why you, the 90%, even get cooler/better/faster technology. So don’t ever complaign when we complaign. We deserve that for financing your future purchases.

A-ron October 9, 2007 at roughly 10:34 pm

Read this and laugh hysterically. I know I did, and I haven’t even got an iPhone yet.