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Safari 3 Beta

Safari BetaThis just in: Safari 3 Beta kills your computer. I just uninstalled my copy of the Safari 3 Beta. I’ve had Widget problems and iChat problems.

On it’s own, Safari 3 is fantastic. I didn’t have any major problems with any browsing and the new features are fantastic. The new Find is quite nice and the resizeable textboxes is a nice feature (although I am guessing that a hatred for little features like that will swell in the web design and usability circles).

I think I will just wait until the stable version is released.

On an ending note — and I’ve seen this mentioned elsewhere — when did Beta become the acceptable public release stage? I am more understanding of this for web application, where things can be constantly updated for everyone. But stand alone application that you download to your computer? That doesn’t seem like the smartest thing to do. But what do I know?

Written on June 12, 2007 at roughly 12:38 pm. And by roughly I mean at that exact time.

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