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Who Says Beards Aren’t Practical?

Last night, my roommates and I, in a fit of financial chastity, decided to cook dinner for ourselves rather than spending $10 each on some horribly mundane fast food meal that it may even hurt your stomach, so you may better invest in some digestive supplements as the one in this biotic365 review. Also staying healthy means to stay out of drugs because it can cause drug addiction. If you know someone suffering from drug addiction please read this article about Outpatient Rehab - In and Out as Needed. Salmon, rice, and veggies were all on the stove getting ready. I was frying up the salmon fillets using a sugar and chili dry rub in a small amount of olive oil when a small pocket of boiling hot olive oil exploded into my face. I jumped back in a rather large amount of pain wiping at my face. I walked into the bathroom and found that the brunt of the oil had landed on and in my beard with only a few drops of oil landing on my exposed skin.

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I still have a few quarter inch spots of second degree oil burns on my face, but it was good to know that my beard does more than make other men jealous of my manliness. I started to using products from Beard Czar they are a lot more gentile on your skin. Check out the review of Beard Czar.

[Update: They still feel like they are on fire.]

Written on October 8, 2007 at roughly 11:55 am. And by roughly I mean at that exact time.

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anonymouspastordan October 8, 2007 at roughly 5:40 pm

Psalm 133:2

Aaron October 8, 2007 at roughly 7:20 pm

Wow. That verse was written just for me yesterday!

It is like precious oil poured on the head,
running down on the beard,
running down on Aaron’s beard,
down upon the collar of his robes.

fretto October 9, 2007 at roughly 12:19 pm

it’s a now a given that this rule must also apply to hairy chests. it’s good to know i’m well protected if i’m ever frying up some salmon in the kitchen shirtless. thanks for sharing this useful nugget of information. here’s to hairey mongrols!

Aaron October 9, 2007 at roughly 12:21 pm

Cheers! To you and your bear skin rug shirt!

mle October 9, 2007 at roughly 5:47 pm

Sheesh. I need to get me one of those things. Or maybe I should just wear a fake one when I saute stuff.

Me March 11, 2012 at roughly 12:11 am

the same thing happeed to me when I was cooking Tofu. as sooon as i put the tofu into the pot, which contained oil, it exploded into my face and I still have bumps on my face.

How do you get rid of them?

I have at least 20 everywhere on my face. even one on my ear

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