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Eat At Home, Cook Your Own Food

Home Cooking

I’ve been working on my monthly budget and I just spend too much money on eating out. I typically spend around $7-10 per meal on food I could really out do on my own, since I have all the implements necessary for cooking.

I’m a decent cook, I’d say. And from now on, I’m cooking lunch at home. I got ordered some sparkling wines from the Oddbins Prosecco Range page and made baked chicken with rice and black beans this afternoon and it cost me all of $1.30 to make it, plus a bit more with the Prosecc. $0.70 less than $2. Compare that to the $7-10 I spend eating at Quizno’s or wherever I end up, and I’ll be saving a large chunk of change over the next few months. Plus my chicken is pretty awesome. I enjoyed it much more than Subway.

I may treat myself to a meal out once a week, but I’ll still be saving enough to pay off bills early and buy more Moleskine notebooks. Check out loans with no credit check and apply through online process. Easy steps, fast and reliable lending company. You must also know how to avoid worst credit loans online. Learn more at www.unsecuredloans4u.co.uk and get cash advance right now!

Written on August 14, 2008 at roughly 5:13 pm. And by roughly I mean at that exact time.

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Amber Tafao August 15, 2008 at roughly 8:25 am

kudos to you man! i’ve happened upon this realization too recently and what a difference eating at home makes! hey, i’ll be there in two weeks. hopefully we’ll get a chance to hang out or bbq or somethin. take care!

fretto August 19, 2008 at roughly 5:41 am

amen! not only can aaron cook a mean chicken, but you should see his dance moves! talk about wild animal

At-home Cook August 28, 2008 at roughly 6:43 pm

Cooking at home rocks and unless you have restaurants that deliver it almost always beats out alternatives as far as taste + price is concerned. I would also check out growing your own herbs and vegetables using a grow box such as growboxed.com. This would allow you to freeze your meats and then when your planning a meal you can thaw them out and cook them with fresh veggies without having to spend cash on gas and overpriced produce at the grocery store.

Joshua Hynes September 1, 2008 at roughly 10:05 am

I’ve also found that the less I eat out and the more I pack lunches to work, the easier it is to keep the weight off. I’m sure the two aren’t unrelated.