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New Rosa Loves Shirts!

Rosa Loves - new shirts
Rosa Loves has released 3 brand new shirts, all of which are for sale telling great stories. Danny Jones designed “Water the Fields”, Michael Young put out “Armonia”, and I had the amazing privilege to work with one of my best friends Mike to design “From the Heart.”

Rosa Loves, You Are So Last Year, We Work for Them, how I got mixed up with that good of a crowd, I have no idea, but it happened. And you need to get over to Rosa Loves already and buy some shirts and make a tangible difference.

Written on March 24, 2008 at roughly 8:25 am. And by roughly I mean at that exact time.

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Megan July 11, 2008 at roughly 9:39 am

I was happy to stumble upon your site today — -big fan of Rosa Loves (as luck would have it, I’m wearing a RL tee today). Keep up the good work. I’ll be back soon to place another few orders.

Aaron July 11, 2008 at roughly 9:45 am

That’s what I like to hear Megan.

I was at Mike’s house a few weeks and saw the new shirt that will be released towards the end of the month and it’s spectacular. In the mean time though, just buy everything else they have in stock.