Aaron Martin

Web, mobile, type, and branding design through creative direction by way of design, product strategy, and art direction


NeuBible is a modern Bible app thoughtfully designed for delightful, distraction-free reading. In tandem with Kory Westerhold, NeuBible launched in March of 2015. We had set out to design a Bible app that focused on the reading experience first and foremost, ignoring all the noise that typically accompanies features seen in the current suite of Bible apps on mobile devices. Leaning on a background in print and type design, the reading experience was crafted using time-tested rules, a modern layout, and a tailored set of well-designed typefaces.
Responsibilities: Visual design, branding, product strategy, logo design, icon design, user experience, development assistance

Hightail rebrand

In July of 2013, I successfully led (then) YouSendIt through a complete redesign and overhaul. With a new name came a new visual identity. A new logo and a new product design aesthetic brought a new face and fresh attitude to what had become a stale brand. I completed a new logo, a full web & print style guide, identity print pieces, company manuals, and a myriad of additional brand elements.
Responsibilities: Creative direction, visual design, brand strategy

Hightail marketing website

Following the rebrand of Hightail, I designed and maintained the marketing-face of our web presence. Hundreds of pages were designed and built to bring a higher class of aesthetic and experience to the Hightail website.
Responsibilities: Creative direction, design, front-end build

Hightail for Android

A complete redesign for Hightail's Android application.
Responsibilities: Visual design, UX design and strategy

Hightail for iOS

With the help of my team, we completely redesigned and rebuilt the Hightail for iOS application. Day-to-day design work was accomplished by Matt Dean.
Responsibilities: Creative direction, strategy, design

Hightail web app

A complete redesign and rebuild of the logged in Hightail experience for the desktop. I designed and developed a cohesive visual style that we implemented across the entire product. Day-to-day design was accomplished by Brad Wrage.
Responsibilities: Creative direction, user experience, strategy, design

Hightail email redesign

Hightail set about to redesign and rebuild the email system that controlled and delivered the 30 million+ monthly emails that engaged the customer base. What we considered our strongest "introductory hand-shake", it was an important and large scale project that touched both customers and non-customer recipients. We leveraged SendWithUs to control our template management, and I built and designed a front-end frame work that was responsive for mobile and desktop from the start.
Responsibilities: Creative direction, strategy, design, front-end build

Entrance by Aol

A brand new application for Aol's entertainment division for Windows Phone. We leveraged the existing web properties — such as Shoutcast, Moviefone, and Aol Music — of Aol to create a singular mobile experience for the Windows Phone users. Along with the application design, I spearhead the brand development and logo design.
Responsibilities: Design, branding, strategy
Entrance by Aol


One of the last products I worked on at Aol was the complete redesign of Engadget. While only the website was launched, we redesigned and rebranded Engadget's website, logo, and mobile products. Design duties were shared with Davy Reynolds.
Responsibilities: Design, art direction, strategy, branding

Play by Aol

One of the last products I worked on at Aol was the complete redesign of Engadget. While only the website was launched, we redesigned and rebranded Engadget's website, logo, and mobile products.
Responsibilities: Design, art direction, strategy, branding


A proposed analytics dashboard designed for companies who wanted to get more out of their data. Alytico was an aggregation site that showed the connections that existed between different data points as a way for company's to learn more about their business and customers.
Responsibilities: Design, UX

Gators Rugby Football Club

A rebrand of a rugby club in Southern California. It was used for several years, but unfortunately isn't any longer. No idea why.
Responsibilities: Branding, strategy

Various branding projects